SteamCore Elegance KWS9 CELG

SteamCore Elegance KWS9 CELG


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The Saunacore Steamcore Commercial Elegance steambath generator model is unique in design and performance. Highly durable to meet any high demands!


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Entire body stainless steel
Energy efficient
Designer steamhead with aroma reservoir
3 level water sensing operation of boiler tank
Stainless steel construction
Heavy duty grade
Limited lifetime warranty
Serviceable heating elements
Temperature sensor
Digital control with control cable

Maximum Temperature: 50'c

Room Size: max375cubic feet

9000watts 240v 1p 37.5amp

28L"x 15"D x 15"H

Optional Upgrades:
Fragrance Aroma Dispenser (1litre)

*Special voltage upgrade available upon request