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The Infracore Max is a high end sauna for people with high expectations when looking at the best health for one self! The Exclusive Optimization Cooling System will ensure the user gets the best health benefits possible and the most number of emitters to surround the body for optimal health benefits!


  • Medical grade Infracore emitters
  • Optimization Cooling System to ensure the best far infrared is reached at all times during your sauna session!
  • 2-3 person
  • Surgical stainless housing and shield
  • Ltd. Lifetime warranty on emitters
  • Floor base with wheels to clean the bottom area and avoid dust build up
  • 13 Infracore emitters
  • 2600watts 240v with neutral
  • Double wall construction
  • Portable
  • One tier bench along back wall
  • Infracore designer full glass bronze door
  • Energy efficient
  • Command II Controller will feature the latest generation of control panel to provide fingertip control to the sauna operation, audio system, fan, lighting etc. With Bluetooth streaming built-in, you can play music from your smartphone (Android, Galaxy, iPhone , iPad, Nokia, HTC etc.)
  • Speaker
  • Safety Certified
  • Infracore exclusive Medical Seat for the targeted area and for the most body coverage penetration and health benefits